ModuLAB XM Software

A unique free package for your ModuLAB XM


The ModuLAB XM software makes it possible to control, acquire and analyze results from your experiments.


  • Works in Windows
  • Compatible with all ModuLAB series

The XM software range (ModuLAB MTS XM, ModuLAB ECS XM, ModuLAB PhotoEchem) allows you to control and analyze the results of your experiments designed with ModuLAB.

The XM-studio software is fully presented and graphically oriented for easy use:

• Guide for connecting your ModuLAB to the sample.
• The experiment sequences are configured using standard techniques/ ituitive copy/ paste drag & drop.
• New experiments can be learned from previous experiments, by copyig and then adjusting the parameters of the steps and he sequencing of the tests.
• The software allows the creation of equivalent circuits.
• Parameter changes are taken in real time in your graphics

The ModuLAB XM software can be downloaded for free here: Modulab XM



  • Software key: not required
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Equivalent circuits

Product applications

  • Control your ModuLAB
  • Results analysis
  • Advanced graphical display