Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer (NO, NOX, NO2)

Single chamber nitrogen oxide analyzer


The new Chemiluminescent NO-NO2-NOX analyzer, model AC32M, combines our 30 years of experience with its predecessors AC30M & AC31M, with an enhanced electronics package and a modular component parts design

Supplier: Environment SA


  • Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Real-time synoptic flow diagram display
  • User programmable ranges and average times
  • Temperature and pressure compensation

The outcome is an ultra compact and light- rack 3U, easy-to-use, chemiluminescence based analyzer capable of measuring nitrogen oxides at ppb levels. Applied to nitrogen oxides measurement, Chemiluminescence corresponds to an oxidation of NO molecules by O3 molecules. The return to a fundamental electronic state of the excited NO2 molecules is made by luminous radiation, detected by the PM tube.


  • Lower detectable limit (2 sigma): 0.4 ppb
  • Response time: automatic and programmable (minimum 30 sec)
  • Zero drift: less than 0.5 ppb / 24 h less than 1 ppb / 7 days
  • Span drift: less than 0.5 % / 24 h less than 1 % / 7 days
  • Linearity: +/- 1 % of F.S.

Product applications

  • Nitrogen oxides (NO, NOx, NO2) monitoring in ambient air
  • Nitrogen oxides indoor monitoring
  • NO2 measurement in medical gases
  • Continuous nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission monitoring (CEM) by dilution extraction