Ozone analyzer

Ozone analyzer that uses UV photometry technology


Uses unique UV Photometry technology with a patented LED: the O342M is the first commercially certified ozone analyzer not using a mercury lamp as a source of excitation.

Supplier: Environment SA


  • User programmable ranges and average times
  • Real time calibration graph
  • Full remote emulation of the analyzer
  • Graphic Liquid Crystal (LCD) display

The outcome is an ultra compact and lightweight (rack 3U), easy-to-use analyzer capable of measuring ozone at ppb levels.
Applied to ozone measurement, the universally known UV absorption principle consists in measuring UV absorption of ozone molecules. Ozone concentration is determined by difference between UV absorption of the gas sample and the sample without ozone after filtration performed by a catalytic converter.


  • Span drift : less than 0.5 % / 24 h less than 1 %
  • Lower detectable limit : 0.4 ppb
  • Response time : automatic and programmable (minimum 20 sec)
  • zero drift : less than 0.5 ppb / 24 h less than 1 ppb / 7 days

Product applications

  • Ozone Ambient air monitoring
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Mobile laboratory
  • Laboratory and field studies on the effects of ozone