Automatic Sequential Particulate Sampler

Automatic particulate sampler in ambient air (PM)


PM162M is a sequential automatic sampling device for particulate matter in the ambient air. 

Supplier: Environment SA


  • Designed to automatically sample particulate on a filter using a TSP, PM2.5 or PM1 inlet
  • 5U rack for installation in a rack cabinet or other type of cabinet
  • Large filter holder capacity allowing up to 3 weeks of unattended sampling of particulate matter
  • Compliant with the last EU CEN recommendations for PM2.5 sampling and measurement

The PM162M sampler is compliant with the EN12341 standard and can be used to determine the average ambient particulate concentration over the sampling period. The collected material is weighed to determine concentration and can be subsequently chemically analyzed. the PM162M fine dust sampling system is designed to collect particles with aerodynamic diameters of approximately 100 μm or less to be deposited uniformly across the surface of a filter located downstream of the sampler inlet.

The particles are sampled at constant flow rate (1 m3/h or 2.3 m3/h) and collected on filters for gravimetric weighing and possible physicochemical laboratory analysis.


  • Filter diameter: 47mm
  • Filtering diameter: 40 mm
  • Flow rate: 1 m3/h or 2.3 m3/h (user selectable)
  • Backup saving time of stored data: >6 month

Product applications

  • Particulate sampling through PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP size selective inlets
  • Sampling of particulate matter for heavy metals analysis
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Field survey before setting up of a continuous analyzer