Hydrogen generator AD serie

The carrier gas solution for your applications GC, GC / MS


Hydrogen generators from the AD serie are perfect for laboratory use since they allow to eliminate the safety problems caused by traditional bottles.

Supplier: Cinel


  • Great autonomy
  • Flow rate from de 100 to 1020 cc/min
  • Integrated leak detection system
  • Reliability of the electrolytic cell

This new system uses PEM technology for the production of very pure hydrogen which is based on the innovative conception of the electrolytic cell that Cinel has developed together with the University of Padua’s Chemical Science Department. (Patent pending No. PD2009A000394). The new AD series (Automatic Dryer System) hydrogen generator does not need maintenance because the gas purifying system regenerates cyclically, any maintenance of desiccant cartridge is not required. The standard maintenance operations only include the periodical filling of the internal tank with demonized water. The tank’s high capacity of 10 l greatly reduces the frequency of this operation. The efficiency of the system is one of the best in the world for this kind of technology.


  • Outlet Pressure : from 2 to 10.7 bar (29 psi to 157 psi)
  • Available flow rate range : from 100 cc/min up to 1020 cc/min
  • Tank capacity : 10 liters
  • Weight : 35 kg
  • Dimensions : width 34 cm, height 43 cm, length 50 cm

Product applications

  • GC
  • GC/MS