Hydrogen generator RC serie

The hydrogern solution for your GC/FID applications


High purity hydrogen generator (99,999%) perfect for laboratory use since it allows to eliminate the safety problems caused by traditional bottles.

Supplier: Cinel


  • Generator whith desiccant cartridge
  • Great autonomy
  • Hydrogen purity : 99,999%
  • Fast return on investment

This new system uses PEM technology for the production of very pure hydrogen which is based on the innovative conception of the electrolytic cell that Cinel has developed together with the University of Padua’s Chemical Science Department. (Patent pending No. PD2009A000394). The new RC series (Regenerable Cartridge) hydrogen generator combines high performance with competitive price. The RC series has double desiccant cartridge columns with huge capacity that limit the frequency of the operations for the maintenance of the desiccant cartridge. A programmed alarm advises the user for the intervention. The cartridge can be also replaced by a new one immediately without any waste of working time.


  • Outlet pressure : from 2 to 10.7 bar (29 psi to 157 psi)
  • Standart purity :99,999%
  • Available flow rate range : 100-510 cc/min
  • Tank capacity : 5 l
  • Weight : 25 kg

Product applications

  • Ionization flame detector (FID)
  • Carrier gas for GC and GC-MS
  • Collisions on ICP-MS