Nitrogen generator NM-L range

Membrane nitrogen generators, able to supply one or several applications


Nitrogen generators range, for the supply of one or several LCMS or others applications

Supplier: Peak


  • To be connected on a compressed air supply
  • High reliability: no electrical moving parts
  • Low maintenance and totally silent

These Nitrogen Generators are designed to be connected to an existing air supply. Completely silent, they are able to supply one or several applications.


  • Nitrogen flow rates: 18L, 32L, 60L, 120L, 240L, 300L, 360L, 420L/min
  • Nitrogen purity: 99,5%
  • Pressure out can be adjusted at 7 bar maximum
  • Electrical requirement: none
  • Noise level: none

Product applications

  • LCMS
  • ELSD
  • NMR
  • Turbovaps