High purity nitrogen generators, compressed air integrated, NG-A range

High purity nitrogen generators, with integrated compressed air


NG generators range, without integrated compressors, specifically designed to supply your GC applications.

Supplier: Peak


  • Ultra high nitrogen purity
  • Plug and play generators, able to supply multiple applications
  • Economical. More cost effective than any other gas supply method

We offer a whole range of high purity nitrogen generators specifically designed to meet the needs of each following applications : GC porter gas, COT, FT-IR, purge gas for ICP, ELSD detectors, circular dichroism.


  • Flow range: 250ML to 4L/min
  • Purity: 99,9995%
  • Dew point: -70°C
  • Autonomous: with integrated air compressor
  • Noise level: 54 dB

Product applications

  • GC
  • ICP
  • DEDL
  • Other