Air zero generators ZA-A range

Air zero generators with integrated air compressor


Our air zero generators were built specially for your CPG applications.

Supplier: Peak


  • High purity: zero air with less than 0,1ppm hydrocarbon content
  • Reliability with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Economical. More cost effective than any other gas supply method

They perfectly meet the demands in terms of flow, purity and pressure suitable for your CPG instruments . They produce ultra pure air from an integrated oil free air compressor.


  • Autonomous: compressed air integrated
  • Air zéro flow rates: 3,5L, 7L, 18L/min
  • Outlet CH4 concentration <0,1ppm
  • Particules >0,01µ : none
  • Electrical requirements: 230V

Product applications

  • GC
  • THA (Hydrocarbon analyzers)