COT Gas generators

Air generators specificaly built for COT applications


COT Gas Generators produce up to 1500cc/min of carrier/ combustion gas from your in-house compressed air supply.

Supplier: Peak


  • Ideal for stable baselines
  • Build as plug and play systems
  • Generators built to work H24

With many models of COT Analyzers on the market, Peak Scientific developed two different Products. For NPOC (Non-purgeable organic carbon) we recommend our COT1500. For the TC-IC process we recommend our COT1500HP.


  • Outlet flow rate: 1,5L/min
  • CH4 content: 0,1ppm
  • CO2 content: 1ppm
  • Pressure dewpoint: -70°C
  • With or without integrated compressor

Product applications

  • COT analyzers