Precision gas generators

An innovative solution to meet the needs of all GC laboratories


Precision gas generators are modular systems with an adapted solution of GC gas feeding, and with a high level of technology.

Supplier: Peak


  • Space optimization
  • Reliable and secure solution
  • Customized configuration
  • Ergonomic design

These new Precision gas generators for GC instruments are innovative and designed according to a technology which has proven itself in terms of safety and reliability. Its compact and stackable size is ideal to maximize space in your laboratory at best. Moreover, several combinations are possible for this versatile instrument, whether you use one or several GC applications :
– Zero Air + Hydrogen
– Zero Air + Nitrogen + Hydrogen trace
– Zero Air + Hydrogen trace

High purity nitrogen generators use pressure swing adsorption technology. Zero air generators produce ultra-pure air from compressed dry air by removing water, hydrocarbon molecules and other residual particles. Hydrogen generators use ion exchange membrane technology. The production of the hydrogen is obtained by electrolysis of the water.


  • Stackable system
  • Elegance of lighting indicating the state of the generator

Product applications

  • • GC-FID • GC-FPD
  • • GC-NPD • GC-ECD
  • • GC-TCD • GC-ATD
  • • GC-AED • GC-ELCD