Aanalyst 200/400 atomic absorption spectrometer

A solution atomic absorption (AA) with flame both ergonomic, economical, reliable and scalable.

Instrumentation analytique_Spectroscopie inorganique_Spéctromètre d'absorption atomique _Spectromètres d’absorption atomique Aanalyst 200 et 400

The AAnalyst 200 and 400 bring you the PerkinElmer quality and great ease of use to obtain reliable results quickly.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Control via touchscreen or software
  • Sample introduction system corrosion and ergonomic
  • Expandable by adding graphite furnace module.

The double-beam optical, combined with a semiconductor detector, delivers performance solutions with AA flame entry level are generally not able to offer. The AAnalyst 200/400 is easy to maintain thanks to its construction and its modular design and provides the operator complete protection through fully automated gas controls and integrated safety checks. The AAnalyst 200/400 offers complete reliability regardless or the place of the application.


  • Dual-beam optical
  • Deuterium Correction

Product applications

  • Mining analyzes
  • Food analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Petrochemical analysis
  • Quality control of materials