Optima 7300V optical emission spectrometer

Performance and routine for the most difficult samples

Instrumentation analytique _ Spectroscopie inorganique _Spectromètre ICP _Spectromètre d’émission ICP Optima 7300V

Looking for a PKI for your toughest applications, the Optima 7300V offers more stability, less matrix effect, more robust, and always with a scanning speed high.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • ICP simultaneous radial
  • Solid state generator without power tube
  • Ease of use through the cassette sample introduction

The radial configuration of the Optima 7300V accepts most difficult applications such as analysis of lubricants and petrochemicals, molten rock (alkaline fusion), high alloy steels (rich in Iron, Nickel, Chrome) for which it is necessary minimize matrix effects and charging effects dun plasma.


  • Polychromator stepladder CCD detector

Product applications

  • Oils analyzes
  • metallurgical analyzes
  • Analyzes of rocks, geochemistry