ICPMS NexION 350 Spectrometer

The fastest ICPMS in the market


With a data acquisition speed 10 times greater than any other ICPMS on the market, the new NexION 350 opens new horizons of efficiency and opportunity.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Triple Cone Interface for faster analysis and greater accuracy
  • No user maintenance
  • Unmatched stability
  • Complete characterization of nanoparticles

The NexION 350 ICPMS makes it possible to measure more in less time and to characterize at nanoparticle levels of precision.

In addition to the exceptional application flexibility afforded by its speed, the device also offers simple operation, good availability and excellent productivity thanks to a variety of unique features engineered to improve signal stability:

>The Triple Cone Interface produces a tightly focused ion beam which prevents sample deposition on internal components.
>The Quadrupole Ion Deflector turns positively charged ions 90° into the Universal Cell and filters off neurals.
>An analysis Quadrupole made of a unique steel alloy for negligible thermal expansion offers unsurpassed stability.
>Maintenance is minimized as there is no extraction lenses to be cleaned.

The NexION 350 is also easy to use thanks to Syngistix™ for ICPMS, a new workflow based software also designed to improve laboratory efficiency. Synergistix™ has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with new automated tools and a faster implementation setup configuration. The dedicated Nano Application Module option can be coupled with the NexION 350 ICPMS for an unprecedented level of detection and nanomaterial levels of precision. 


  • 100,000 data points per second
  • Large, open and easily accessible sample chamber

Product applications

  • Nanoparticle detection
  • Nanomaterial research
  • Laboratory