Empyrean Nano edition XRD

Versatile X-ray scattering platform

Empyrean Nano edition XRD

The Empyrean Nano edition is a hybrid laboratory X-ray scattering instrument. It uniquely enables for a variety of techniques for the structural characterization of (nano)materials on multiple length scales.

Supplier: Panalytical


  • Maximum flexibility
  • High-performing detectors
  • SAXS/WAXS with ScatterX78
  • USAXS option for ultimate small-angle resolution

Several other applications, such as powder diffraction, thin film analysis and CT can be added – also as later upgrades.

The high performance and flexibility of the instrument are driven by a high-resolution goniometer platform, a modular concept and latest detector technology.


  • Type : vertical 2-circle goniometer; theta - theta geometry
  • Radius: 240 mm
  • Resolution : 0.0001 deg
  • Interface : PreFIX type, enabling quick exchange of pre-aligned optics, stages and detectors