Excellence Plus XP Analytical Balances

Security knows no alternative


With the Excellence Plus XP, METTLER TOLEDO has set another milestone in the world of analytical balances. 

Supplier: Mettler Toledo


  • SmartSens, hands-free operation
  • SmartScreen, ease of use with color touch-screen display
  • Connectivity: pace-setting interfacing flexibility
  • Inner draftshield plate, adjustable

Cutting-edge innovations bring unprecedented weighing performance and set new standards in terms of personnel, sample and data security.

METTLER TOLEDO is changing the world of analytical balances. SmartSens, SmartGrid and SmartScreen– three innovations combined in one balance – ensure comprehensive weighing security. They provide optimal user protection, unprecedented measurement performance, full data security and seamless traceability. Built-in warning systems visually and audibly alert the user when valid measuring results are at risk, for instance when the balance is not leveled. This enables quick adjustments to maximize uptime and ensures always accurate results. The bottom line: more secure processes and higher speed at lower costs.


  • Maximum capacity: from 200g to 500g
  • Readability: 0,1mg
  • Internal weights for internal automatic calibration
  • LevelControl warns if balance is not levelled correctly
  • SmartGrid, revolutionary grid weighing pan

Product applications

  • Accuracy of measurements and compliance
  • Minimal Sample Sizes Guarantee Maximum Profitability
  • "Hands-free" working and easier cleaning
  • Easier handling and workflow optimization