Preparation of standard automated XPE Quantos

Because successful analyzes begin with successful weighing...


Successful analysis starts with successful weighing and with the XPE Quantos this is achieved.

Supplier: Mettler Toledo


  • User safe
  • Automatic
  • Quick Preparation

Preparation of standard and samples for your LC, LC-MS (MS), GC, GC-MS (MS) in 2 minutes in automatic mode. Usable in classic analytical balance. 

Secure weighing results and reliable final concentrations assured. The valuable products are protected, as are the users (there is no direct contact with the products).

There is a quick return on investement which means a reduction in solvent and standard costs of 70%.


  • Cost reduction of 70%
  • Usable in classic analytical balance

Product applications

  • Accuracy and regulatory appliance
  • Analytical balance
  • Standard sample preparation