UV-Visible Spectromer Lambda Flex

A UV-Visible spectrometer adaptable to each of your applications


Based on its experience in the field and the unique performance of UV-Visible Lambda spectrometers, PerkinElmer achieves a new degree of flexibility with the launch of the new Lambda Flex series.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Great scalability
  • Better sensitivity and resolution
  • Double analysis station
  • Easy and fast installation

Whether you work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical or building industries, you need a thorough knowledge of the properties of the materials used.
To help you remain a leader in your field, we have developed the new LAMBDA Flex UV-Visible spectrometer series to meet the most demanding performance requirements while ensuring the best flexibility. The user is able to make changes to the instrument according to its applications with a reduced initial investement.
The Lambda Flex is the perfect tool to improve your processes and better characterize the materials you use.

High Performance with unmatched Flexibility
The LAMBDA Flex systems have all the high performance instrument platforms (650, 750, 850, 950 and 1050) in a basic configuration that excludes the standard detector module. With this, your device can be configured to suit your application at the time of purchase, without the need to acquire features you do not need.


  • Large sample compartment available
  • Detector adapted to your application
  • Wide range of accessories available: URA, GPOB, spheres of integration,...

Product applications

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Building