XRF analyser S8 Dragon

Truly simultaneous XRF spectrometer

S8 dragon

The novel S8 DRAGON is the first truly simultaneous X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for precise, high-speed elemental analysis for process control in metal production and foundries on the market. 


Supplier: Bruker


  • Optimal analysis of all elements with ultimate precision and accuracy Independent of chemical bonding Direct
  • Non-destructive analysis of solid
  • Powder and liquid samples Easy sample preparation within minutes Safe method
  • No hazardous chemicals needed

It offers high quantitative precision in combination with elemental flexibility for up-to-date production control, covering almost all elements of the periodic table in a single, rapid measurement.

The S8 DRAGON combines in its new design, proven single element channels with the new Multi-element Channel™. With its unique parallel data acquisition in dual mode, the S8 DRAGON offers enhanced data safety for better cost efficiency due to improved process control.