XRF analyser S8 Tiger

Superior analytical performance for elemental analysis

S8 Tiger

The S8 TIGER spectrometer is the innovative high-end addition to our XRF product family for elemental analysis in various industrial applications, including oil, lubricants, refinery, cement and mining.

Supplier: Bruker


  • Optimal analysis of all elements with ultimate precision and accuracy Independent of chemical bonding Direct
  • Non-destructive analysis of solid
  • Powder and liquid samples Easy sample preparation within minutes Safe method
  • No hazardous chemicals needed

Unique features of the S8 TIGER includeTouchControl™ and SampleCare™, combining extreme ease of use and robust reliability with superior analytical performance. TouchControl is essential for easy and fail-safe operation. By using an integrated touch screen and dedicated user interface, TouchControl defines a new standard in ease of use for a high-end XRF system. The required training for occasional and inexperienced users is absolutely minimized. The unique SampleCare feature automatically recognizes samples and the integrated contamination shields protect the S8 TIGER against all kinds of contamination, ensuring maximum uptime and availability