Distillation CC automatic ASTM D1160

Fully computer controlled unit of turn-key design


The i-Fischer® DIST D-1160 CC / FISCHER® AUTODEST® 850 AC is a fully computer controlled unit of turn-key design, and ready for use after installation and commissioning. 

Supplier: i-Fischer


  • ASTM D1160
  • Automatic solution
  • High pressure

The unit extends the current test method and does not limit your vacuum distillation testing options.

You are able to define your own tailored program also beyond the current standard. The system is fully housed and equipped with doors in the front and rear to satisfy safety requirements and to facilitate service aspects.

The protocol is printed out simultaneously to the distillation and the distillation curves in actual boiling temperatures (ACT) and atmospheric equivalent temperatures (AET) as well as essential distillation parameters are shown on the monitor.


  • Operation Temperature: max. 400°C
  • Operation Pressure Range: 0.1 ... 760 mmHg (Torr)
  • Operation Pressure (standard): 1 mmHg (Torr)

Product applications

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Fractional distillation
  • Laboratory