Disintegration tester DT2

2 units independent positions, compact, scalable and automatable


Thanks to its two independent positions or supportive, accepting baskets A and B, it adapts to any type of medication, and is upgradeable to automatic detection

Supplier: Sotax


  • 2 baskets independent
  • Manual or automatic detection
  • Temperature sensor mobile

DT2 is a device or tablet-disintegrating capsules to 2 positions. It supports baskets A (6 positions) and baskets B (3 positions) for samples of more than 18mm. These two positions may work independently or integrally allowing to perform tests on six samples of two different batches of six samples or baskets with 3 posts. T2DM is upgradeable to automatic detection and maintaining the reliability of the analysis with tablets making that difficult visual detection (middle cloudy or opaque). Possibility of automatic basket lift before medium change during analysis of gastro-resistant tablets.


  • Strokes per minute 30 +/- 1
  • Height of stroke 55mm
  • Temperature 20-60°C +/- 0.2°C
  • Width/depth/height 370/410/550 mm
  • Interfaces RS-232-C and parallel

Product applications

  • Tablet disintegration test, manual or automatic handling A or B