Manual Mono-Counter MPC (Global Alpha-Beta)

High performance meters at the best cost


Ultra-performing and transportable meters suitable for laboratories that do not require an automatic multi-detector system.


  • Simple: Use with or without a computer (touch screen)
  • Performance: double scintillation detector or proportional gas meter
  • Low noise: Shielded models including active anti-cosmic protection
  • Windowless technology for better sensitivity

The MPC-900 and MPC-1000 α and β manual mono-meters combine simplicity of use, performance and economy. MPC-900s are especially suitable for laboratories with spot measurements on samples with a diameter of 51mm.

Five models are available:

MPC-900-DP: Transportable meter with ZnS scintillator and two Phosphorus plastic detectors – requires no gas inlet

MPC-900-GFW: High-sensitivity transportable counter with proportional gas sensor – aluminized window (80 μg / cm²)

MPC-900-GFL: High-sensitivity transportable counter with proportional gas sensor – windowless technology

MPC-1000-GFW: Ultra-low noise manual counter (including anti-cosmic detector) – aluminized window (80 μg / cm²)

MPC-1000-GFL: Ultra-low noise (including anti-cosmic detector) manual mono-meter with windowless technology: better detection efficiency

The MPC range is ideal for applications in nuclear medicine, on-site decontamination and environmental physics that do not justify a high-speed automatic system.




  • Sample: 51 mm diameter
  • Efficiency Th230 DP / GFW / GFL: 23% / 40% / 45%
  • Possible options: Lead shielding and remote interface
  • Efficiency Sr90 / Y90 DP / GFWL / GFL: 45% / 55% / 55%
  • Efficiency Tc99 DP / GFL / GWL: 30% / 35% / 45%

Product applications

  • Nuclear medicine laboratory
  • Decontamination laboratory
  • Laboratory of environmental physics