DSP Electronics

Digital Integrated Electronics


HTDS proposes the digital electronics range of ORTEC for spectrometry

Supplier: Ortec


  • DSP function
  • High Voltage
  • ADC

All-In-A-PMT Base

High Performance, Ethernet All-In-A-PMT-Base Digital Gamma Spectrometer
Economical All-In-A-PMT-Base MCA Solution for Scintillation Detectors DigiBASE

Workstation Spectrometers

Advanced, Fourth-Generation ORTEC DSP-Based Gamma Ray Spectrometers for Germanium Detectors DSPEC-50 et DSPEC-502
Advanced Digital Gamma Ray Spectrometer for HPGe Detector SystemsDSPEC Pro
High Performance, Digital Signal Processing Gamma Ray Spectrometer for HPGe Detector SystemsDPSEC jr 2.0
Economical, Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for HPGe Detector SystemsDSPEC LF

Portable Spectrometers

High Performance Portable Digital HPGe MCAdigiDART
Portable SMART MCA for NaI(Tl), LaBr, and other Scintillation DetectorsdigiDART LF

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