DETECTIVE SPM: Gantry HPGe for the detection and identification of radioactive elements

The fastest and most accurate gantry on the market


The DETECTIVE SPM is the only portal that includes 4 - 16 HPGe detectors allowing the removal, identification and location of radioactive sources.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Fast: no need to stop vehicles
  • Accuracy: The lowest false alarm rate (1/10000)
  • Secure: No need to open the container (train, trucks ...)
  • Modular - Depending on your needs the SPM will be defined with you (number of detectors ...)

The Spectroscopy Portal Monitor (SPM) is a smart, modular solution for detecting and identifying radioactive materials for trucks, trains, pedestrians, freighters and containers. The SPM Detective range is designed around several electrically cooled Germanium Ultra-pure (HPGe) detectors. The HPGe detector differs from other technologies on the market (NaI, plastic..) by very fast and precise measurements that will allow you to detect, identify and locate all sources of radiation without having to open the containers (vehicles, parcel…).

For example, with a vehicle going at a speed of 8km / hour, it will take 5 seconds for the SPM Detective to detect and identify the source with a probability greater than 95%.


  • One or more HPGe detectors and neutron detectors
  • Operating from -40 ° to + 55 ° (humidity 100%)
  • Saving all images
  • Configuration for trains, vehicles (trucks, cars) or pedestrians
  • Processing Software Provided

Product applications

  • Detection of nuclear materials
  • Port security
  • Railway, truck and vehicle safety
  • Security