Mobile Radiation Detector Detective MRVS

Detects, locates and identifies radiation sources


The MRVS Detective is the AMETEK ORTEC solution for long-range detection, identification and localization of gamma and neutron radiation sources.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Configuration for van or boats
  • Long-distance detection and identification of isotopes with the RTIS algorithm
  • Networking several systems for triangulations
  • Ergonomic mapping software

The MRVS (Mobile Radiation Verification System) DETECTIVE was designed with the US State Department to provide a fast and reliable solution for the detection, identification and mapping of gamma and neutron radiation.

The MRVS DETECTIVE is designed around several modules:

LRDF (Long Range Radiation Detection): 4 large area NaI gamma detectors and an electronic processing module.

Neutron Detectors: Two high-performance detectors (HPDE Lithium 6) with electronics and appropriate processing software.

Software with isotope identification and positioning algorithm (GPS and compass for marine use)

The LRDF and neutron modules are positioned in a dome specifically to give the direction vector of the gamma source.

Several networked MRVS DETECTIVE can triangulate the source.

Three versions available:

MRVS DETECTIVE RDF: MRVS, dome fixed on a fixed support, laptop, GPS and mounting system.
MRVS DETECTIVE RRDF: MRVS, dome fixed on a mobile support, laptop, GPS and mounting system.
MRVS DETECTIVE RDPM: MRVS, carrying case, laptop, GPS and mounting system.


  • Supplied bookstore: NORMs, Medical Radionuclides, Industrial Radionuclides & SNM
  • Detectivity gamma 130kbq (Cs137) at 2 meters
  • Neutron decay <2.5n / s (with neutron activity of 2.1kn / s)
  • GPS and compass for marine or terrestrial use

Product applications

  • Nuclear Safety
  • Area Mapping
  • Dismantling

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