PED Active Dosimeters

For real-time protection


PED active dosimeters provide the best protection for nuclear workers: dose rate, cumulative dose, data networking, Bluetooth, French...


  • Wide range of dosimeters
  • Calibration and economic repair

PED active dosimeters are designed to inform, in real-time, the dose recieved during a work session. Thanks to immediate readability audible and visual alarms, they enable the implementation of the ALARA principle, offering the worker a means to improve his methods in order to reduce the exposure.

The dose rate measurements are given in real time and in accumulated doses, the units generally chosen are Sievert (μSV/h, μSv).

The modern and clear interactive display ensures easy handling for any user. Each PED is delivered with the DoseVision software allowing:

- Rate and dose rate recorded
- Recorded dose peak
- Setting alarms
- Assigning the dosimeter
- Export data

The PED range is divided into three models:

- PED-Blue: General purpose dosimeter
- PED-IS: Difficult environment, model ATEX zone O
- PED+: Communication Bluetooth, SuperVision up to 7 devices live, GPS, Android application…

The criteria for choosing an active dosimeter are:

- Type of radiation measured (range of energy)
- Type of environment (APEX, IP67, IP65…)
- Type of use (communicating system or not, GPS…)

HTDS offers a wide range of active dosimeters adapted to the most versatile sectors of activity, do not hesitate to contact us to help you in your choice.

PED BLUEThe most ergonomicTube Geiger Muller33keV - 13MeVIP67Rechargeablemicro-USB
PED ISFor the most challenging environmentsTube Geiger Muller33keV - 13MeVIP67
PED+The most communicatingTube Geiger Muller33keV - 13MeVIP67RechargeableGPS


  • Energy from 10 keV to 20 MeV
  • Measurements in μSv, μSv / h
  • Communication: Bluetooth, GPS ...
  • Environment: APEX O, APEX 2, IP65, IP67

Product applications

  • Measurement of dose and dose peak
  • Flow rate
  • Over threshold alarm

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