Radiameter/Contamination Monitor – RadEye B20

A modern compact multi-purpose contamination meter


The RadEye B20 is a modern compact multi-purpose contamination meter for alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation.


  • Versatile operation modes
  • Bright backlit LCD display
  • Menu driven user interface
  • thick rubber protective cover

First responders need to quickly identify mixed radioactive surface contamination in facility and field environments. The RadEye B20 and B20-ER Multi-Purpose Survey Meters provide a handheld, on-site solution for homeland security personnel, fire brigades, emergency response personnel, agencies involved in decontamination and decommissioning projects and hospital and pharmaceutical industry employees.

RadEye B20 and B20-ER offer consistent, reliable results in any application requiring radiological surveys of flat surfaces. Model B20 is for normal measurements. Model B20-ER is for high-range measurements.


  • Lightweight - 300g
  • 500 hours operation with 2 AAA batteries
  • Rechargeable NiMH cells can be used

Product applications

  • Radiation detection measurement
  • Homeland security