TLD Passive Dosimeters

Protecting your workers


Passive dosimeters and accessories for compliance.

This is the regulatory dosimeter carried by the worker for a monthly or quarterly period.

It is operated at the end of this period and the data is transmitted to the central file of the IRSN. The photographic film, which has fulfilled this role for many years is now replaced by more efficient and reusable systems. 

The thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) measures all types of radiation encountered in industry and the medical environment (X, β, γ, neutrons) and accurately characterizes the regulatory dosimetric quantities Hp (10) and Hp.

HTDS offers:

- TLD Dosimetry readers
- Individual TLD dosimetric tracking cards
- Accessories for dosimetry TLD

Product applications

  • Measuring dose accumulation
  • Regulatory Dosimetry

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