7210 Synchronous 32 Channel Amplifier

A single instrument for demodulating up to 512 channels


The Synchronous Detection Amplifier 7210 allows simultaneous demodulation of up to 32 signals on the same frequency.

Supplier: Signal Recovery


  • From 32 to 512 channels
  • Simple or tandem demodulation
  • Harmonic Detection of F and 2F
  • Control software provided

The 7210 Synchronous Detection Amplifier brings a new dimension to your measurements. Traditional Lock-ins usually allow one or two measurements simultaneously. For some experiments (spectroscopy, imagining…) these instruments are not sufficient or the experiment requires a too expensive budget.

To meet these new needs, Signal Recovery has developed 7210 multi-channel synchronous detection. The lock-in 7210 demodulates more than 32 signals on the same frequency.

This new instrument opens new research perspectives in fields as varied as multiple spectroscopy, superconducting tests, imaging, experiments with probe pumps…


  • Frequencies from 20Hz to 50.4Hz
  • Full scale sensitivity 100μV to 1V
  • Time constant 4ms to 1k
  • Interfaces: GPIB, RS232

Product applications

  • Spectroscopy
  • Sonic and magnetic imaging
  • Simultaneous inductance measurements
  • Multi-head scanning