9210 Multi-Channel Synchronous Detector Amplifier

A complete measuring solution


The Signal Recovery 9210 is not only a modular multichannel synchronous detection system but also a signal recorder, a function generator (Ac-DC), a multiplier and divider.

Supplier: Signal Recovery


  • Modular: 1 to 5 signal processing card for 6 to 30 Lockin (dynamic reserve> 120db)
  • High perfomances: FGPA, 80Mhz hologe, DDS 20 bits
  • Low-noise: Choice of input impedances (1GOhms, 30GOhms, 1TOhms)

Designed around a new FPGA coupled with an 80MHz clock and very high performance DAC/ ADC, the 9210 will become the instrument of treatment in the central signal of your laboratory.

The 9210 is a complete signal processing solution that integrates ADC, DAC, synchronous detection amplifiers, function generators (voltage and current), FFT analyzer…

The Signal Recovery 9210 is:

> From 2 to 10 synchronized signal recorders with filters on a common clock
> From 2 to 10 current / voltage signal generators
> From 6 to 30 lockin with dual demodulation: 120db dynamic reserve, phase error, phase / frequency resolution: 5ndeg / 4nHz)

The 9210 is designed around a chassis that can accommodate 1 to 5 dual signal processing modules. Three types of modules are available:

> 9210-Lo: Very high impedance analog (TOhms) input module with very low noise 1.8nV / √Hz
> 9210-Med: Analog Input Module High Impedance (30GBhms) to Very Low Noise 3.7nV / √Hz
> 9210-Hi: Analog Input Module (1GOhms) with 18nV / √Hz noise

Each module integrates:

Analog: Two 18-bit AC & DC analog differential inputs with 13 adjustable gain (1 to 5000) and two 20-bit generator outputs (One direct and one current)
Dio / Amp: 2 amplified monitoring inputs (oscilloscope ..) and digital input / output (TTL output or PLL access)

Once connected to the chassis, each module provides access to 6 dual phase synchronous detection amplifiers (30 for a complete system). Two frequencies (and their harmonics) can then be generated for demodulation on two independent references simultaneously. So the 9210 allows to demodulate up to 30 signals on two independent references (and harmonics).


  • Minimum Sensitivity: 0.2nV / 25fA
  • AC & DC coupling - floating ground or ground
  • Frequency range DC - 500Khz
  • Interface: Ethernet / USB
  • Drivers and software: LabView 2016, 9210 software for Windows, possible control MatLab, Python, C

Product applications

  • Impedance measurements
  • Characterisation of materials
  • Optical Characterization
  • AC calorimetry