7225 Digital dual phase lock-in amplifier

Dual Phase Digital Sychronous Detection Amplifier


The SIGNAL RECOVERY model 7225 offers a cost-effective solution to the researcher needing the simple and powerful instrument.

Supplier: Signal Recovery


  • Performances at the best price
  • Minimal time constant 10µs
  • Reel front panel & Labview Drivers
  • 1st Full Digital Lockin

The model 7225 is extremely stable and very easy to use. He was created to be a good alternative for scientist who don’t need the multipurpose of our others lockin, but need a scientific grade instrument.


  • Frequency range from 1mHz to 120Khz
  • Sensitivity 2nV/2fA
  • 2 DAC
  • Dynamic reseve 100dB
  • GPIB, RS232

Product applications

  • Scanned probe microscopy
  • Optical mesurments
  • Audio studies
  • Impedance mesurements
  • Atomic force microscopie