6-Channel Multiplexer BNC 3830

6-Channel USB multiplexer


The BNC 3830 6-channel multiplexer is simply controlled via your computer (labview drivers, VB..) from your USB port.

Supplier: Signal Recovery


  • 6-channel
  • Software included
  • LED indicators

The 3830 multiplexer has been developed to make your interconnections as easy as possible. The 3830 is controlled directly with your PC via its software and/ or Labview drivers, it connects and feeds with your USB port. The 3830 with 6 floating BNC channels can be inputs or outputs connected to both relay channels. Several 3830s can operate in interconnections allowing you to build wider multiplexers.


  • 6 BNC channels (A, B and C on bus 1, C, D and E on bus 2)
  • Maximum Voltage / Current: 50V / 200mA
  • Power supply via USB port (<500 mA @ + 5 V DC)
  • Piloting: labview, proportional software, Visualbsic, VBscript ...

Product applications

  • Switching between several detectors and measuring instruments
  • Connect a signal source (oscilloscope) to multiple cells
  • Create systems including multiple Lockin, preamplifiers.

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