NIM power supplies and rack

Configure your signal processing


HTDS offers NIM cabinets and power supplies to be configured according to your needs.


  • Number of pitches: 12 or 6
  • Power supply 96W, 120W, 160W or 300W

The ORTEC preamplifier range (and other ORTEC products) are generally powered by a Nuclear Instrument Model (NIM), ORTEC has developed a table alermation for users who do not wish to use a rack.

HTDS offers several NIM boxes and their power supplies:

4001A and 4001C: 12 slots with +12V, -12V, +24V, -24V, +6V, -6V

4006: Mini NIM box with integrated power supply (120W)

4002A, 4002D and 4002E: NIM power supplies from 96W to 300W

If the NIM box does not fit your needs we also offer the 4002P table power supply.