Signal Processing NIM Modules

For improved signal processing


ORTECs NIM signal processing range.

Supplier: Ortec

In addition to the NIM range of preamplifiers, HTDS offers all NIM signal processing ranges that will allow you to tailor your signal processing to your needs.

Amplifiers for Energy Spectroscopy, and Timing: Single and Multiple InputGuide Amplifiers
CAMAC ADCs and MemoriesGuide ADC CAMAC
Counters, Timers, Ratemeters, and MCS Cards: Single and Multiple Input, Fast and Slow LogicGuide Counters/Timers
Delays, Gates and Delay Generators, Logic Modules, Linear Gates, and Digital Current IntegratorGuide Delay, Gate, Generator, Logic
Fast Timing Discriminators: Leading Edge, Constant Fraction, Single and Multiple InputGuide Discriminators
Pulse Generators419
High Voltage (HV) Bias and Nuclear Instrumentation Module (NIM) Power Supplies and BinsGuide HV
Multichannel AnalyzersGuide MCA
PhotoMultiplier Tube (PMT) BasesGuide PMT
PreamplifiersGuide Preamplifiers
Single Channel Analyzers: Timing, Non-timing, Integral, and DifferentialGuide SCA
Time to Amplitude Converters and CalibratorsGuide TAC
Accessories (cables, adapters, blank modules, etc…)Guide accessories