Detect Suicide Bombers at a Safe Distance.

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The Rapiscan CounterBomber® system utilizes video directed radar technology to safely detect concealed suicide bomb devices and weapons at safe distances. 

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • Standoff Capability
  • Automation and Ease of Use
  • Non-Imaging Technology
  • Adaptable to New Threats

Tested by the US Government and performance validated as a standoff threat detection solution, CounterBomber®’s patented technology is designed to protect high value assets against potential suicide bombers. Ideal for federal buildings, military bases, stadiums, airports, rail stations, checkpoints, hospitals and schools, CounterBomber® is a reliable, fully mobile, fixed-based tracking system that automatically screens walking subjects once they have entered an area of interest and rapidly determines if an individual is concealing a potential suicide device or weapon. 

 The CounterBomber® Security Edge 

Automatically detects concealed threats on pedestrians at standoff distances using video steered radar technology
Quickly renders accurate decisions on selected persons of interest manually by operator manipulation or autonomously (hands free) by CounterBomber®’s innovative video tracking system
Minimal Training required, reducing cost and increasing operational efficiency
Easily integrates into existing command networks to facilitate enhanced security situational awareness 


Product applications

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Customs and Border Protection
  • Defense
  • Ports

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