QPS100 Millimeter Wave Body Scanner

Automatic detection of concealed objects worn on the body


HTDS introduces the QPS100 (Quick Personnel Security), a millimeter-wave body scanner (with more than 300 transmitters and an analysis height of 2.35m) that automatically detects concealed objects worn on the body or under clothing. 

Supplier: Rohde & Schwarz


  • Automatic threat detection after 6 seconds
  • Compact design
  • Data acquisition time: 16 ms
  • Excellent image quality

The QPS100 is mobile and can be installed by 2 men. It is designed for an implicit respect of privacy and its design in the form of a “wall” – not a cabin – avoids the problem of claustrophobia.

The relevant data is acquired in 16 milliseconds. The system detects all types of concealed objects (metal, ceramics, plastic and liquids) and is already ECAC certified (European Civil Aviation Conference). National certification is underway and is expected to be completed in July when a test phase is launched at Munich Airport (MUC). Due to its low weight (approximately 300kg divided over two modules), it is mobile and can be easily used at checkpoints or military base entrances.

Product applications

  • Securing airports
  • Surveillance of public places
  • Protection of persons in urban areas
  • Detection of improvised explosive devices