RS700 Mobile radiological detection and mapping system

A mobile solution associating radioactivity detectors and GPS


Vehicle (air, sea and earth) embedded solution for radioactivity levels on a large territorial surface


  • Fully autonomn and mobile
  • Can be mounted on any type of vehicule
  • Direct coupling to GPS for instantaneous radiological mapping
  • Available in gamma only or gamma/neutron version

The RS-700 is a self-contained gamma ray and neutron radiation monitoring and detection system. It can be used in land vehicles, helicopters, marine platforms, or at a fixed location. The RS-700 utilizes advanced DSP/FPGA technology and software techniques that provide laboratory levels of spectral performance that were previously unachievable on mobile platforms. Despite its state-of-the-art technology, the RS-700 is extremely operator friendly. The system is also capable of unattended operation if required.


  • 0,4 ou 4 l NaI(Tl)-detector, and optional He3 neutron detector
  • Resolution < 8,5 %

Product applications

  • High sensitive zones protection
  • Anti-trafficking and transport of radioactive material
  • Radiological mapping of wide territory surface

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