Testers for Explosives LETK, DETK and EX-IMASS

Detects threats quickly


The EX-IMASS, LEKT and DEKT chemical detectors allow you to remove threats of explosives at low cost in a simple and fast way.


  • Chemical reagents for liquid and solid explosives
  • Quick reply
  • ECAC certification

HTDS offers chemical testers for liquid and solid explosives. These fast detectors are more particularly adapted for puntual tests (a few tens per year).

Single use testers are based on colorimetric recognition of the constituents of explosives. Very easy to use, these chemical testers have quick responses and affordable search costs.

HTDS proposes:

LETK: Tester for liquid explosives
DETK: Tester for solid explosives
EX-IMASS: Tester for liquid and solid explosives


  • Detachers for Liquid Explosives LEKT: Precursors TATP and HMTD, Nitromethane, Hydrazine, Nitro-glycerine, precursor solvents and gasoline
  • Detachers for solid explosives DEKT: TNT, RDX, PETN and their derivatives.

Product applications

  • Test for liquid explosives
  • Test for solid explosives

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