This Cobalt detector is an adapted technology for the main containments


INSIGHT 100 is a bench solution used in checkpoints airports, government buildings for control of liquid containments. The system allows the analysis of liquids, powders or gels in sealed containments such as glass or plastic bottles, tubes and other classic containments.


  • Very high detection
  • Flexible system

The INSIGHT100 has been certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as a solution for liquid explosives detection (LED) type B standard 2 and can be used for confirmation of alarms generated by a ray X inspection system or only as an inspection type B solution.

The detection capability is extremely reliable with a false alarm rate <0.5% (Loeffen, PW et al, Proc. SPIE, 2011). The time of a bottle inspection is less than 5 seconds, allowing a limited impact on the person flow. The system is very flexible and adapts itself to a wide range of containments for small items up to 35cm.


  • False alarm rate <0.5%
  • Analysis time <5 seconds
  • Based on patented technology SORS
  • Dimension (mm): 824 (L) x 561 (H) x 611 (D)
  • Class 1 laser system - Respect the CE's norm

Product applications

  • Control containments for liquids

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