Fixed portal CarView

Get two top-down views of occupied vehicles for superior threat detection


The relocatable carwiew portal offers an inspection at high speed of vehicles and small trucks busy for the detection of all kinds of weapons, threats to metallic character and smuggling

Supplier: AS-E


  • Scan Speed: Drive-through imaging at vehicle speeds of up to 20 kph
  • Two top-down views: A high-quality, dual-energy transmission image and an easy-to-interpret, photo-like Z Backscatter image
  • integrates with the existing traffic and toll lanes

The CarView portal screens occupied cars and small vehicles to help secure special events, parking garages, and high-threat locations. The system uses innovative detector technology to simultaneously produce two top-down images: a high-quality dual-energy transmission image and a Z Backscatter image of the scanned vehicle. The dual-energy transmission image offers material discrimination technology to detect metallic and organic threats and contraband, while the photo-like Z Backscatter image offers enhanced detection of organic threats such as explosives, drugs, and stowaways. This cost-effective, versatile system is easily relocatable and its compact footprint meets the physical requirements of standard tollbooth lanes.

The CarView portal is also available as part of an integrated, automated entry control-point solution, featuring vehicle gate, exit bollards, vehicle protection kit, under-vehicle inspection system, license plate reader, scene cameras, driver identification camera, and operator-alert software.


  • Extremely high throughput at 400 passenger vehicles per hour
  • innovative technology simultaneously producing two views of the radiographie vehicle
  • The x-ray source: 225 keV
  • Team requirements: a the x-ray (standard) system operator/Inspector. A coordinator of traffic (optional).
  • tunnel top of 2.8 m and width of 3.7 m

Product applications

  • vehicles and cargo inspection