Hold bagage X-ray scanners MVXR5000

A quick and effective solution to control your luggage

Hold bagage X-ray scanners MVXR5000

Rapiscan MVXR5000 is the latest addition to our range of tunnels X (Hold Baggage Screening) rays.


  • Multi-view, dual-energy
  • Flexible, cost-effective
  • High rates of automatic detection
  • Certified DFT (Department For Transport)

A multiple (5 views) views, his dual energy high quality images allow algorithms for automatic detection of explosives to provide an exceptional level of detection with high image quality and a very low false alarm rate .

100 % of baggage is checked through to broadband, up to 1800 bags per hour, and automatic explosives detection accuracy ( level 1). This is combined with broadband capacity data transfer gygabite provide near instantaneous analysis by remote networked operators ( level 2). Analysis remote operators using identification algorithms for automatic detection of potentially dangerous objects Images can be transmitted to manual inspection station to help in research, or sent to the monitoring station for analysis additional .

Rapid detection algorithms using 5 views dual energy images to detect all explosive threats . Determining the presence and location of a threat based on its context, the density of the material, the size and number of atoms, multiple views provide optimum performance for the hardware detection in particularly difficult cases .


  • Speed​​: Up to 1800 BPH
  • Conveyor speed: 0.5m/sec continuous
  • Image Quality: Compliance STp at least 3 views