PinAAcle 900F Atomic absorption spectrometer

Technology Series PinAAcle for flame analysis

Instrumentation analytique_Spectroscopie inorganique _Spéctromètre d'absorption atomique _Spectromètre d’absorption atomique PinAAcle 900F

A flame atomic absorption spectrometer with the innovations of the series PinAAcle.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • High performance flame mode
  • Sample introduction system corrosion and ergonomic

The PinAAcle 900 instruments are compact and powerful with their new fully enclosed optical technology based on optical fiber. Flame PinAAcle 900F optimizes every step of the analysis: the sample introduction, nebulization a homogenous otpimisation and memorization of each parameter. With software AAWinLab, the analysis is simplified and the instrument fully controlled from the PC.


  • Dual-beam optical
  • Deuterium Correction

Product applications

  • Mining analyzes
  • food analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Petrochemical analysis
  • Quality control of materials