Metal detector MFN 11

Métal detector compact and powerful


Multifrequency solution for the effective detection of metal particles in your products on a conveyor passing difficult.


  • Compact and efficient solution
  • Ergonomic man to machine interface
  • Network enabled
  • certified System

A solution that gives you both performance and production optimization (Examples of application: bags, bags, cases, cartons, trays, unpackaged products, …). A solution that provides both performance and production optimization.


  • Dimensions (lxHxL) : 1200 x 1330 x 1135mm
  • Linear speed : Up to 65 m / min
  • Detection of metal particles: from 0.8mm
  • Controls up to 300 pieces per minute

Product applications

  • Control of food products - pharmaceutical - prepackaged
  • Control thermoformed plastic, cardboard cases, pouches