Wave radiometric camera Millicam 90-ckp


Secure sensitive areas (such as airports) by viewing a scene or  objects (metal, ceramics, liquids, explosives...) through different  types of materials: fabrics, plastics, wood or plaster walls.

The MilliCam90 system is one of the most innovative because it  produces good resolution images while being both mobile and totally “passive”. Unlike the majority of devices currently in use, MilliCam90 is  “passive” and hence emits no radiation. It is therefore safe  for humans and undetectable by explosive devices allowing  preventing the risk of explosion.
However, even if it does not emit any radiation, it makes  it possible to view the contents of unattended suspicious  packages. Moreover, while being mobile, this imaging system produces  good resolution images at short and medium distances (from 1  to 10 meters) indoors and outdoors, the day or night.
The future version of this camera will be able to achieve 3D  images and to automatically detect the shapes of objects.

Product applications

  • Airport security
  • Monitoring of public places
  • Protection of persons in urban areas
  • Detection of improvised explosive devices