Biological Threat Detector – IMASS

Most versatile and easy to use chemical detector


The IMASS Biological Threat Detector is the most versatile and easy to use chemical detector specially designed for intervention teams.


  • Quick response: 15 minutes
  • 8 classes of detected threats
  • Easy to use

The IMASS biological threat detector detects up to 8 toxins in 15 minutes and applies the appropriate counter-measures. Very simple to use and designed for military personel and intervention teams, it will quickly analyse all types of samples (powders, liquids).

Biological threats detected: Antrax, Ricin, botulinum toxin A and B, plague, Francisellla tularensis, brucella, brukholderia spp & mallei, staphylococcal enterotoxin B.


  • Class of detected agents: ANX, RIC, BTX, TUL, PLA, BRU, BRK, SEB

Product applications

  • CBRN threat detection