MaterialsLab XM

The reference for the electrical characterization of your materials


The MaterialsLabXM brings to your laboratory one of the most powerful instruments to electrically characterize your materials.


  • DC time domain measurement: I-V, P-E, fast pulses
  • Frequency domain measurements AC: impedance, capacitance, C-V, Mott-Schottky
  • MultiSine function for fast measurements even at low frequency
  • XMstudio MTS Control and Processing Software

The new MaterialsLab XM has been developed to provide an economical solution for scientists seeking the outstanding performance of the ModuLab XM but only for material impendance measurement applications.

The MaterialsLab XM is designed with the same platform as the Modulab XM and allows an important gain of space in your laboratory.

Perform DC and AC measurements with one instrument is possible with the MaterialsLab XM.


  • Polarisation : +/- 8V
  • Voltage Measurement Resolution: 1μV
  • Current measurement resolution: 1.5 pA
  • Frequency: 10μHz to 1MHz
  • Impedances > 1TOhms

Product applications

  • Material characterisation
  • Materials research