Lubricated air compressors

Our oil-injected rotary screw compressors are leader in the market thanks to outstanding performance and flexible operation. This results in the highest productivity while minimizing the total cost of ownership. GA compressors are available in two series: GA 5-11 and GA 5-15 VSD. The GA 5-11 is the best workshop solution, built to perform even in the harshest conditions. The GA 5-15 VSD range is the ideal solution for productions with a fluctuating air demand, optimizing your energy consumption. Both ranges supply the high-quality air you need to keep your air network clean and your production up and running.
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  • Air compressors GA range

    Air compressors GA range

    Designed to last, GA compressors produce a range of air quality for your workshop. With integrated dryer and mounted on tank 500 liters, these compressors ensure a constant air flow and network without corrosion.

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  • Air compressors GA+

    Air compressors GA+

    Armed with an optimized design, the GA + are remarkably efficient. While these units offer a high quality air at the lowest cost.

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