Presence of elementary contaminant

HTDS markets a comprehensive range of solutions to determine the presence of elementatry contaminants in food and the environment : heavy metals, inorganic acids, minerals …

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  • LAMBDA 365 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

    LAMBDA 365 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

    Perkin Elmer

    The LAMBDA™ 365 delivers state-of-the-art UV Vis performance that meets the needs of pharmaceuticals, analytic chemists, geneticists, and manufacturing QA/QC analysts everywhere. With 21 CFR part 11 compliant software available, the LAMBDA system is ready to support everything from standard methods and applications to those requiring regulatory compliance.

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  • Clarus 580 GC

    Clarus 580 GC

    The Clarus® 580 GC offers many of the same innovative features found in the Clarus 680 GC including an full-color touch-screen interface that features real-time signal display and eight-language support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese).

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  • The CMS5000 Monitoring System

    The CMS5000 Monitoring System

    The CMS5000 Monitoring System is a self- contained system utilizing GC (Gas Chromatograph) technology for continuous, unattended remote monitoring of air.

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  • Clarus 680 GC

    Clarus 680 GC

    The Clarus® 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that need fast analytical cycle times.

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  • Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

    Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

    Micro GC Fusion offers advanced features in a compact, lightweight chassis that is easily transportable, allowing for accurate and rapid analysis where and when it is needed.

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  • 3000 Micro GC

    3000 Micro GC

    The 3000 Micro GC Gas Analyzer is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of your gas sample on-line, right at the sampling point.

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  • Clarus 590/690 GC

    Clarus 590/690 GC

    Perkin Elmer

    When the highest levels of throughput are critical to your operations, choose the Clarus 690 gas chromatograph. Designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories in Food, Environmental, Petrochemical or Pharmaceutical industries that need to increase analytical cycle times, it provides superior sensitivity, capacity, and throughput – with the flexibility to handle more. Our industry-leading portfolio of TurboMatrix™ options includes headspace (HS), manual and automated thermal desorption (TD, ATD) and MultiPrep Autosampler solutions.

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