CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Elemental Analyzer


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Elemental Analyzer for a Wide Range of Applications

Fast, versatile, cloud-enabled elemental analyzer for Carbon and Nitrogen determination on organic matrices with Helium and Argon as carrier gas.


he CN 802 a robust and flexible combustion analyzer, that works in accordance with official reference methods for the determination of carbon and nitrogen in many industrial sectors such as agriculture, environmental, food & feed and chemical.

The CN 802 is powered by the CNSoftTM software and produces unsupervised, simultaneous results in 5 minutes, totally unsupervised of: 

  • Total Carbon – TC
  • Total Organic and Inorganic Carbon (after acidification) – TOCTIC
  • Total Nitrogen – TN
  • C/N Ratio 

The CN 802 is a safe analyzer that does not require aggressive chemicals or time-consuming analysis steps. Just prepare your sample and walk away!